23 april

Yowsah! Deejay Irie + Sól Wax + Ingo the Gringo

Yowsah! Deejay Irie + Sól Wax + Ingo the Gringo

Groningen’s grooviest party is back!

We’ve been trying to have a party with Deejay Irie for years – we don’t need to tell you what happened. This time it’s going down for real. Yowsah! is glad to welcome you all back onto our cozy dancefloor.

Somewhat of a gem hiding in plain sight, Groningen-based DMC world champion and all-round turntable magician Deejay Irie has been working on his craft for decades. Armed with two decks and a big stack of records, Irie is bound to give us a masterclass on party-rocking. Yowsah! residents Sól Wax and Ingo the Gringo will be in charge of warming up the dancefloor with their funkiest and jazziest cuts, so dust off your moves and get ready to boogie!

⇢ Line-up
Deejay Irie
Sól Wax
Ingo the Gringo

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