21 juni



At UsFest, the ‘Off-Track’ journey is yours to explore!

Whether you’re into music, dance, theater, or improv comedy, we’ve got something that will spark your interest. Turn on the engine for a festival where you can choose your own adventure. You won’t need a map to wander from destination to destination, as there will be new and exciting performances to discover at every turn.

Of course, every long journey requires a break. At the intersection where all these adventures converge, you will find our international dinner, offering a delicious array of global cuisine to keep you energized and ready for more. Grab a bite, relax, and then dive back into the festivities. With so much to see and to do, your Off-Track journey has no limits!

Grab your sense of wonder (and all your friends, of course), and join us on this unique journey on the 21st of June!

Afternoon (16:00 – 18:00):
– Dwaas
– Solstice Theatre
– Room for Improvement
– Stranger Things have Happened
– Dance performances

International dinner (18:00 – 20:00)

Evening (20:00):
– Basement Four
– Bitterlemon
– Lange Mannen met Haast
– Ioana Iorgu

Exact time schedule will be announced soon! One ticket gets you access to both the afternoon and evening program. The performances during the afternoon program are based on first come, first served (full = full).

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