30 juli

Summer Club: Christian Thomas + Eversines

Summer Club: Christian Thomas + Eversines

During our Summer Club nights we give two DJs free rein. Two residents, regulars or friends of the show split a night in our main room the way they desire. To incite extensive deep dives into the many sounds that characterize OOST.

Eversines has meticulously grown his well-earned reputation as master crafter of premium ambience. Co running De Lichting – the Amsterdam label lauded those in the know – displays part if his approach to DJing. Making excellent use of vinyl’s traits as a medium het lets his hypnotic, atmosphere-building tracks run their runtime. One of those people with an approach to DJing that makes time seem to slow down and stretch out. An excellent pairing with newfound friend and one of the best mood-setting DJs this city has to offer: Christian Thomas.

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