27 augustus

Spoken: Act 2

Spoken: Act 2

We couldn’t have asked for a better first edition almost 3 months ago. Our garden session made us feel grateful and we loved to see all of the motivated dancers on a Sunday afternoon. To keep you moving, we did not stand still either. We are excited to announce SPOKEN: ACT 2. The artists will be released in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye out on both our Instagram and Facebook. In collaboration with The Loods we will offer a minimalistic setting and immersive experience. There will be a limited capacity, so please make sure to grab your tickets early so as to not miss out on this night.
Date: August 27th 2022
Location: De Loods, Groningen
Time: 23:00-06:00
Start ticket sale: Friday, July 15th, 18:00
– Beste Hira
– Martial One
– Sitta & Onid
– Sophie Bruin
At SPOKEN the main goal is to offer you an intimate, safe and fully immersive experience of community, sound, and a minimalistic character. The community and its passion for rolling groove will be at the core of this gathering. To create this atmosphere there will be a strict policy of no photographs and video. We will maintain a zero-tolerance towards any kind of discrimination and intimidation. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the security or bar staff if you ever feel unsafe during the event

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