3 december

Released: The Second Release

Released: The Second Release

Have you ever danced in a monumental church?

Der Aa-kerk is the place where we Released ourselves for the very first time.
We still can’t believe that our first edition turned out so well.

Our second edition in this church, which was planned for December 4 (2021) has been postponed. On December 3 (2022) we will release ourselves again in Der Aa-kerk.

Let’s release our holy spirits under these chapels.
Let’s experience these moments together…
Because when we are together… we are RELEASED.

See you there.

Tickets for Released: ‘The Second Release’ will be Released soon.

*If you bought tickets for the event which was planned for December 4 (2021), your tickets will remain valid for the event on December 3 (2022).

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