26 maart

Paradigm: Backyard Festival

Paradigm: Backyard Festival

Dear Paradigmers,
First of all, we hope you and your loved ones are doing well. We’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to take care of everything and everyone involved with Paradigm. You guys are the life of our parties, the people we do this for. We have have looked over possible dates we can move this event to. This has not been easy, due to the fact that a lot of people are involved, and those people are involved with other people (and so on), and they are in the same situation as we are at the moment.
However, despite these trying times we come to you with some good news! We have a new date for the Backyard Festival: September 26! We ask you to support both us as well as the Backyard Festival, and to refrain from asking a refund if possible. Purchased tickets will be valid on the new date and we vow to give you everything Paradigm is known to offer this September.
We’re planning to stay ahead of all this by following whichever guidelines are set by the authorities. Rest assured, we will be dancing together again.
Let’s keep each other safe and help each other out in these trying times. No one’s ever encountered this in our life time. However, we believe a crisis brings out the best in us, so do what’s right and let’s support one another.
Much love,
The entire Paradigm family
You’ve seen our festival ground. You’ve danced, hugged and smiled at our stages. You think you’ve seen it all, we beg to differ. We’re going to show you a different side of Paradigm, something that’s carefully concealed, a garden of industrial grit. Last year we kicked things off with the Backyard Project, this year we’re going to up the stakes! Come hang with us at the Backyard Festival!

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