22 april

ECHO Rec. x Bax Bier: Ukraine Fundraiser

ECHO Rec. x Bax Bier: Ukraine Fundraiser

Time to do some charity!

As the situation in Ukraine turned darker and darker in the past month, it is in place to get off our butts and help where we can. As an incentive, we put together this mini event / brewery session / super nice pre-drinks for wherever you will go right after.

All profits will be donated to ‘Territory of Kindness’ an organisation that focusses on providing aid to the Ukrainian Army as well as children in need, such as children from occupied territories and children displaced due to the war (donations will be used on clothes, books, toys, personal hygiene supplies, etc.)


With this spirit in mind, the beginning of the evening will be on a more talkative note. You can socialize with your friends and engage in talks about how small you think Putin’s penis is, under the soothing guidance of some quality 90’s Hip Hop and craft beer.

Later, once everyone has reached the conclusion that it’s probably pretty small, we turn straight into heavy-ass ghetto electro in order to get our political frustrations out!

Ticket price: € 5,-
Time: 21:00 – 01:00

BEWARE: Limited capacity of 80 people!

Line Up:


We hope to see you then and there!

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